Mohnton Electrical Work

If you are in the Mohnton, PA or greater Philly region and want to get the best electrical contractor for your electrical service, we can do the job!  Kitchens, bathrooms, fans, recessed lighting and more.

It pays to find a electrical contractor who can provide timely electrical upgrades and repairs, like A & M Electric LLC, the preferred Electrical Services company serving Mohnton, PA.

Here are some tips on how to find a Mohnton electrical contractor that is right for you.

Mohnton Electrical Training & Experience

Not all homeowners understand that electrical systems can vary greatly in the way they are setup. So be sure to consider electrical contractors who are well trained.  Those that know what to do and how to anticipate your residential electrical needs in your Mohnton, Pennsylvania home.

Always ask about the training of any contractors currently under consideration. 

Location – Mohnton, PA

You will want to work with an electrical contractor that is local to your area. A and M Electric LLC is centrally located between Lancaster and Philadelphia, PA, so covering those cities plus the smaller towns in-between is no problem.


After finding several electrical professionals who meet your basic criteria, obtain estimates for the electric work, updates, or repairs. This will allow you to determine which one does the best job in terms of explaining the breakdown of the costs. Keep in mind a detailed electrical service estimate indicates the professional is highly likely to do a comprehensive job with the repair. As a result, you can look forward to a electrical system that is reliable and capable of meeting the electric needs of your home year round.

Let us be your preferred Mohnton Electrical Contractor!